Tip or not to tip is probably on the minds of all the people in the casino. Employees of the casino are providing the same service as valets, waitresses, maids, concierges, and other members in the service industry.

But then also there is a lot of confusion over the same topic. At the end of the day, it is coming down to personal choice. There are some misconceptions and thumb rule which needs to be covered on how and when tips to be provided to the dealers and employees of the casino.


Dealers are providing the service and they depend on player’s tips for their earning. As several people in the service industry, their salary is quite low. If you are not giving them the tip then you are stiffing them for their service. Dealers are having the responsibility of taking the money of players after they lose. This can become personal for some players. If a person has got bad luck then they think that they have lost a lot of money on the casino and so now there is no need to give a tip. This is a common mindset of players and dealers who know about it. So dealers want that the players should win. They do not expect to get a commission because their salary does not depend on whether you lose or win. Their work is to just deal efficiently. If the game is dealt with in an affable and professional way then you should give the dealer a generous tip whether you win or not.


How to tip?

You can give tips in multiple ways. You can give the chips to the dealer directly before you leave the table. You can also place a bet for him. This can be quite an exciting way for him too. You should place the tip early whether you are giving a direct tip or placing a bet. So the dealer comes to your side. The dealer does not influence the result of the game but they can provide some good advice in some situations. Like they can remind you if you do not take odds on the pass line bet in the game of Craps.

The concept is valid, especially for cocktail service. Tipping her shows her that you like her service and you will be treated by her as a priority. By giving her a tip you can expect better service from her in the next round.